Legal Services

Rowland Law Firm in Antlers provides a wide array of legal representation and services including car accidents, divorce, legal advice, and much more. Contact us today for experience representation in Antlers.

Personalized approach to addressing your specific circumstances. We bring the utmost in experience, knowledge and dedication, making sure we are in the best position to succeed.
2Family Law
We assist our clients with all aspects of matrimonial proceedings, including drafting and reviewing of prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, divorces (contested and uncontested), child support and maintenance enforcement and modification.
We treat your case with absolute sensitivity. You're looking to protect your livelihood, and we have the same goal in mind. We have a proven track record of obtaining strong and positive results for our clients.
4Child Custody
Working out a parenting agreement that covers child custody and visitation can be difficult, especially when there’s animosity between you and the other parent. Whether you’re recently separated and looking to learn the basics types of custody or you’ve had an open case for years that needs modifications due to life changes, you can find resources here.

Criminal Law

An experienced criminal defense attorney can mean the difference between a prison sentence, reduced or dismissed charges. Even in less serious cases, a good criminal defense attorney can impact the outcome of a case just by making sure that the rights of the accused are protected during the entire legal process.
2Lawful Debts
A Debt Management Program is one way FamilyMeans can help you solve your credit problems and repay your debt. The Debt Management Program is recommended for those individuals or families who need more than counseling advice and could benefit from a structured repayment plan in order to help rebuild their credit and get out of debt.
3Car Accidents
When you’ve been seriously injured in an accident, it can affect nearly every part of your life: your health, your ability to earn a living, your finances, and your enjoyment of many of the things that make your life worth living. If your injury was the result of the negligence of some other person, business, or government entity, you have the right to seek compensation from that party, a goal best accomplished with the help of a attorney.
4And More….
Arrange Bail and Legal Defense Representation for Friend or Family Member.